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Browse Unfiltered. Evade the Net with NetEvader!

NetEvader is a free bypassing service allowing you to access sites that are otherwise blocked. Our network technology allows you to evade pesky internet filters and go around firewall software at work and school. Your information will never be compromised and your anonymity is secured through our safe network tunnel.

To use the service, just enter the URL of the site you wish to browse in the form below. Next, Click 'Browse' and your unfiltered session will begin. When in unfiltered mode, your IP address is masked by the IP address of this website. The IP that represents you on the internet becomes the IP of this server. This will allow fully anonymous browsing and in most cases will allow you to surf behind firewalls and filters that may be blocking your favorite websites. This secure method of browsing is designed for entertainment purposes only. By using our service, you agree to our TOS.